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 From ancient times
Somerton can trace its roots back hundreds and hundreds of years, with the earliest written reference dating back to 733 – historically not a happy time for the town as the then King of Wessex lost Somerton to the King of Mercia.
During the Middle Ages Somerton was the capital of Wessex and it is for this reason that it lends its name to the county of Somerset.
The town returned to West Saxon royal control in the ninth century, and was listed in the Domesday Book of 1086 as ‘Sumertone’.
Did you know?
During WWII, Somerton was the target of four Luftwaffe bombs which were aimed at – and with great success – the Cow & Gate milk factory. The bombing raid killed nine people and injured a further 37. A memorial at the dairy site commemorates those killed.
Time to party!
One of the absolute highlights of living in and around this splendid town is the annual Somerton Music & Arts Festival. Held in early July and spanning around 10 days, the festival is a feast for the senses with events such as music nights at our local hostelries, crafts, art and photography exhibitions, talks and walks.
And to top it off the widely adored Somerstock Music Festival takes place during the festival. Held on the Circus Field – just a short walk from the centre of town – the festival draws some amazing bands and musicians and is the absolutely perfect event for the whole family.
A grand day out
For something more tranquil, head to Lytes Cary Manor with it’s stunning Arts & Crafts garden. This splendid National Trust site also hosts a variety of events including regular markets which are well worth a visit! For more information just visit
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