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Be Smart and instruct a Consultant.
Did you know that you can now instruct a SPECIFIC self-employed Consultant to carry out the conveyancing on your sale and/or purchase and there are many benefits for YOU if you do.
The Consultant is an experienced, qualified professional who is supported by a Nationwide law firm with MODERN technology including up to date case management systems, telephone systems and IT support.
If you choose a Consultant then you will have One dedicated Consultant at all times who will be APPROACHABLE, easy to speak to, someone who can show you empathy or fight your corner when needed.
Your Consultant does not necessarily work a typical 9-5 day which means that their work/lifetime balance can benefit you too as they tend to be more contactable especially if the matter is urgent. They want to work with you to meet REALISTIC goals.
The Consultant is an excellent time manager who recognises that each client’s needs are unique and there are different targets, circumstances, or reasons for the conveyancing matter to be proactively moved forward.
A Consultant thrives on meeting target dates in a TIMELY fashion where they can, providing regular updates to you and alleviating stressful situations by staying one step ahead and communicating with their clients.
A Consultant controls their own caseload which means that they can keep their caseload lower than other employed professionals allowing more attention to detail and focus to be given to each individual matter.
JENNY MAGGS has been a Consultant Licensed Conveyancer for over two years and has over twenty years of experience in conveyancing.
Jenny welcomes getting to know each and every client and providing a personalised service at fixed fee prices for all house sales and purchases.
In addition to keeping pricing competitive and delivering a service that outweighs the conveyancing standard service Jenny is here to help YOU move the SMART Way.
 Consultant Licenced Conveyancer To learn more about our services visit:

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