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    Our online conveyancing system keeps you in control and your agent and mortgage company in the loop
   Our interactive conveyancing portal ensures you know exactly what is happening at every stage of the conveyancing process.
Using a simple traffic light and key stage system, the portal automatically notifies you as and when milestones are reached.
And, what’s more, it also sends the update to your estate agent and mortgage advisor. You’re all in the know, all of the time.
Our portal is just part of our commitment to provide a service that is professional, proactive and has customer satisfaction at its heart.
Our exceptional reviews bear testament
to this pledge and demonstrate amply,
that we offer you a little more than your average conveyancing solicitor.
• Fixed fees guaranteed with
no hidden extras
We provide you with a clear fixed fee quote, ensuring you are aware of the total cost from the start
• Accessible
Track how your matter is progressing from any device, 24/7, or call us, email us or visit us – whatever suits you
• We work with your estate agent and mortgage adviser A collaborative approach to ensure transparency and speedy completion
We make everything clear.
  Get in touch today for an instant conveyancing quote You are very welcome to give us a call or visit us for
a face to face meeting at our office. 5 The Quadrant, Coventry CV1 2EL
You can contact us on any of the following:
 02476 231000
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